Honour the Word, Honour the Self.

  Performance poetry workshops for those with work written. 

     Where Mr Pepper passes on 25 years of experience                       with advice and some useful practice on how

  to deliver your poetry with the confidence it deserves.

        Shaman Showman.

          ( A search for freedom gets bendy)

    A spirited long show filled with all kinds of                questions.Together, with poetry and song, 

we will search for some strange kind of answers.

Photograph Phil Stutley 

 Rhythm Driven Performance Poetry.

 Hello I'm Dave Pepper,  I write and perform poetry and song. I explore the world and my place in the scheme of things and then express my wonder and frustrations through my work. My major influences are Rumi and Chuck D.
My interests are in society and spirituality. I love to explore rhythm, rhyme and stage craft. The energy in a room of people, or about a fire. How to get my "self" out of the way and communicate, from the heart, in the moment.
 In life, as well as in my writing of poetry and song, but most especially in the performing of the live shows.
  I have been honoured to share all over these islands, at events large,
    (2k people in Grouvsner Square/ 1k Stone Henge) 
 And small,
    (headlining and hosting countless open mics and slams across Sussex and Kent) 
  ( BBC R4/ BBC Sussex / Batersea Arts Centre, Butlins /Harrods/ Selfridges.)
 And important,
  (Celebrant for naming ceremonies. Host for Cabaret.)
                                                                     Over 30 years as a performance artist.
                                                                    To honour the song and honour the self.
                                                  Enjoy the site, get in touch and book me for your event. Dave.x
"Hippy Hop'
      'Break Beat Poetry'
'At's all a bit Bowie chats to  Chuck D around a festival fire with Terrence Macenna.' 
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